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California Building Standards Commission

2525 Natomas Park Drive Suite 130, Sacramento, 95833, California,
(916) 263-0916 - BCS -

The California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) is approved by the US State of California, through the California Building Standards Law, to deal with identifying with improvements, appropriation, endorsement, distribution, and execution of California's construction regulations. Made in 1953 by the California Building Standards Law, the CBSC falls under the California Department of General Services inside the California Government Operations Agency. The commission is officially characterized under the California Building Standards Law.

The California Building Standards Code, is the establishment for the plan and execution of construction regulations inside California. The construction standards incorporate the usage of improved security techniques, maintainability measures, consistency, new innovation and development strategies, and unwavering quality. These codes are patched up at regular intervals through the Triennial and Intervening Code Adoption Cycle. These usage are foremost to the improvement of construction regulations.

California Building Standards Commission Online Resources


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