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Secretary of State of California

The Secretary of State of California is the main assistant of the U.S. province of California, regulating a branch of 500 individuals. The secretary of state is chosen for long term terms, similar to the state's other established officials; the officeholder is confined by service time restraints two terms. The Secretary of State's Office is separated into six principle divisions, Executive Division, which likewise incorporates the Office of Elections Cybersecurity and the Office of Voting Systems Technology Assessment, Elections Division, Political Reform Division, which keeps up the vault of lobbyists, crusade funds, Management Services Division, which incorporates bookkeeping, HR, building tasks, Business Programs Division, which handles the enrollment of organizations, legal official administrations, State Archives, which additionally regulates the State Museum that is a piece of the Secretary of State's central command in midtown Sacramento.

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1500 11th Street, Sacramento, California, 95814
(916) 653-6814
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